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Managing Company

If desired, all of our investor/owners can trust the management of their room with the professional property management company NAI BECAR. NAI Becar is the Russian subsidiary of NAI Global, a leader in the global commercial real estate market. NAI GLOBAL has 350 offices in 55 countries and over 20 years of unique experience which is confirmed the trust of the some world’s leading brands.

Specialists from NAI Becar have been behind the following hotel real estate developments: the 410-room Rossiya Hotel, the 600-room Baltiets and Burevestnik Hotels, the 180-room country club Dacha (all St. Petersburg, Russia), and the 240-unit Palms Hotel at South Shore Multifamily (USA)

Our experience in Russian and International projects has allowed us to develop business models down to the minutest details.

  • Each owner/investor will be offered an individual package of furniture and appliances at wholesale prices on top of all the necessary additional materials at affordable rates. The furniture will be ordered from all leading manufacturers.
  • All residents of the complex will receive quality customer service. The complex grounds will have its own infrastructure, which will make living in Vertical attractive for future tenants.
  • The Vertical project will feature a specially developed “equalizing” system to balance and determine the guest load for every room.

NAI BECAR has developed a profits program for the Vertical project which will bring as much as 15% annual return to its investors.